My favorite bodybuilding diet plan

9 Jan

So I decided to start this blog to tell the people who will read it how much I love my natural bodybuilding diet plan. It’s pretty simple really. You get to eat a lot of good high quality natural foods and you avoid refined and manufactured products that contain nutrients of lower value to the body and muscles. The bodybuilding diet plan I personally followed was constructed in such a way that it allowed me to eat every 3 to 4 hours (yes that’s right) and have delicious protein milk shakes twice a day. Now tell me, who wouldn’t want to follow such a diet plan?

In order however for the plan to work well, you need to exercise and do a little body building workout every few days a week. This will allow the body to reconstruct itself better and stronger, help burn off body fat and build well developed muscles.

The bodybuilding diet plan that I devised after a few weeks of trial and error allowed me to have my meals at work without any hassle whatsoever. I woke up at around 6am as usual and had some coffee, followed by a delicious 6 egg white omelet with a couple of yolks, spinach, mushrooms and low fat feta cheese. I topped that with 2 or 3 slices of whole wheat bread with some sugar free jam and a glass of 2% milk for extra protein.

After a few hours I felt hungry again (you are gonna want to eat every 3 hours on the bodybuilding diet plan, trust me), so while at work I ate a big double sandwich with low fat turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and low fat mayo. I followed that with an orange and some almonds. For lunch it was out with coworkers at the local restaurant where I usually eat grilled fish with delicious steamed vegetables and a baked potato, along with some cold ice tea without sugar. In the afternoon around 4:30pm I would have some coffee with a big protein shake mixed with milk, a few strawberries and a banana.

Dinnertime is steak time for me, with 5oz of a lean cut and some brown rice with a low fat butter sauce and an amazing bodybuilding recipe that I love, salad with all kinds of nuts, olive oil and vinegar. Before bed I mostly ate yogurt with fruit salad or if I felt like chocolate I would make a super-thick shake with milk and eat it with a spoon! I usually eat this while I watch some bodybuilding news online or a movie on tv.

Now tell me, who wouldn’t want to follow such a diet plan? I have never had so much energy and I have been following a similar bodybuilding diet plan for over a year now. I have lost 11% body fat and certainly gained a lot of muscle and definition. I cannot even remember anymore how my life was when I would eat one or two meals a day, jacked up on coffee all day long with most of my calories at night, making me feel sluggish and tired. I absolutely let me rephrase that..I absolutely ADORE my bodybuilding nutrition!!


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